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Placement Materials

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  • First Round: Group Discussion(Will not be like a usual GD instead the HR will give a topic and the candidate has to speak for a minute about the topic
  • Second Round: ONLINE TEST
  • Third Round: Technical Interview
  • Fourth Round: HR Interview

For CSE and IT Students
  • Second Round: Online Test - 73 Questions
  • General Aptitude - 14 Questions ( Percentage, Time and work, number series, mixture-alligation, profit&loss, permutation)
  • Programming & Technical - 25 Questions (debugging questions on c, c++, pointers, ADT, Trees, algorithm analysis, complexity, questions from networks(IP address, subnetting, OSI layer)
  • Logical - 16 Questions (direcction, series, coding&decoding, statement, conclusion)
  • Verbal 18 (fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, passage reading(will be difficult to answer within stipulated time) - see barons book(13th edition)