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KLA-Tencor was formed in April 1997 through the merger of KLA Instruments (KLA) and Tencor Instruments (Tencor), two long-time leaders in the semiconductor equipment industry. Prior to the merger, both businesses served a segment of the inspection and metrology area; with KLA focused on defect inspection and Tencor placing its emphasis on metrology. Merging together in a one-to-one stock swap valued at $1.3 billion, KLA-Tencor became the most important process control player in the industry, bringing to market a complete line of yield management products and services from a single company.

KLA was named after its founders, Ken Levy and Bob Anderson. The word “Tencor” came about because the founder of Tencor, Karel Urbanek, wanted a two syllable name that would be easy to remember.

KLA Instruments was first established in 1975, with its first product emerging on the market in 1978—an automated inspection system that reduced photomask inspection time from eight hours to 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter, KLA Instruments went public and expanded its inspection product portfolio to include patterned wafer inspection systems. Two years later, KLA further broadened its offerings into the wafer metrology business through optical overlay and line-width measurement systems. During the subsequent few years, the company expanded its product base through the development of software tools to help integrate inspection and measurement data for analysis—ultimately forming the industry’s first yield management group to provide customers with expertise in yield enhancement through engineering consulting services.

1977, Tencor Instruments established its name, and first introduced its product—the Alpha-Step stylus surface profiler—just seven months later. This tool provided significant improvement in step-height measurement, a critical parameter in measuring film layer thickness. In 1984, Tencor Instruments launched its first Surfscan product—a particle and contamination defect system based on laser scanning technology, which soon became the production standard. By the late 1990s, Tencor had broadened its product offerings to also include defect review and data analysis tools. Following an initial public offering in 1993, Tencor then acquired Prometrix, a leading supplier of thin-film measurement tools, and further expanded its product offering. At the time of its merger with KLA, Tencor had revenues of approximately $403 million and 1,400 employees around the world.

Since the merger in 1997, KLA-Tencor has acquired the following companies:

· 1998 • Amray Inc. • Nanopro GmbH • The Quantox product line from Keithley Instruments, Inc • VARS • The Ultrapointe subsidiary of Uniphase Corporation

· 1999 • ACME Systems Inc.

· 2000 • Fab Solutions, from ObjectSpace Inc. • FINLE Technologies, Inc.

· 2001 • Phase Metrics

· 2004 • Candela Instruments • Wafer Inspection Systems business of Inspex, Inc.

· 2006 • ADE Corporation

· 2007 • OnWafer Technologies • SensArray Corporation • Therma-Wave Corporation

· 2008 • ICOS Vision Systems Corporation NV • Microelectronic Inspection Equipment (MIE) business unit of Vistec Semiconductor Systems

· 2010 • Ambios Technology

KLA-Tencor continues to serve the semiconductor equipment industry and also a number of other industries, including the light emitting diode (LED), data storage and photovoltaic industries, as well as general materials research. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, services, software and expertise, KLA-Tencor helps nanoeletronics manufacturers manage yield throughout their fabrication process—from research and development to final volume production. Designed to accelerate development and production ramp cycles, KLA-Tencor’s products and solutions help customers achieve higher and more stable, while improving overall profitability. In 2011 KLA-Tencor celebrated its 35th anniversary.


Rick Wallace
Chief Executive Officer and President

Rick Wallace serves as the chief executive officer and president of KLA-Tencor Corporation as well as a member of the company’s board of directors. He began as an applications engineer at KLA Instruments in 1988, and has held various general management positions throughout his 24-year tenure with the company. Earlier in his career, he held positions with Ultratech Stepper and Cypress Semiconductor.

Wallace currently serves on the boards of directors for NetApp, Inc., a data management solutions company; Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), a prominent industry organization; and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, an organization focused on issues, programs and campaigns that affect the economic health and quality of life in the Silicon Valley.

Wallace earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and his Master of Science degree in engineering management from Santa Clara University.

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Mark Dentinger serves as chief financial officer and executive vice president of KLA-Tencor. In this position, he oversees and manages the company’s corporate finance, operational finance, investor relations and corporate control processes.

Prior to joining KLA-Tencor, Dentinger held senior finance roles for nine years at BEA Systems, Inc. (now part of Oracle Corporation), including chief financial officer during his last three years with the company. Additionally, he has served in various financial management positions at Compaq Computer Corporation (now Hewlett-Packard) and Ernst & Young.

Dentinger received his Bachelor of Science degree in economics from St. Mary’s College of California and an MBA in finance from the University of California at Berkeley.

Ben Tsai, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Alliances

Ben Tsai, Ph.D., is the chief technology officer and executive vice president of corporate alliances at KLA-Tencor. In this position, he is responsible for spearheading KLA-Tencor’s technology roadmap, business development, corporate alliances, and venture investments.

Tsai has spent more than 25 years at KLA-Tencor in various technology and business leadership positions. Previously, he has also served as senior vice president of technology at Tokyo Electron Limited.

Tsai currently serves on the board of directors and technical advisory board for Ultratech Inc. (NASDAQGM: UTEK), a leader in advanced packaging and laser processing. Additionally, he holds more than 40 patents in the areas of inspection and metrology. Tsai received his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University, and his Master of Science and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Kenneth Levy

Kenneth Levy is Chairman Emeritus of KLA-Tencor Corporation. Levy has been associated with the semiconductor capital equipment industry for more than 30 years.

After receiving his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and spending six years in the aerospace simulation field, Levy joined the startup team at Computervision Corporation. He was responsible for Computervision's entry into the semiconductor capital equipment industry through their Cobilt Division.

Levy founded KLA Instruments Corporation in 1975. Under his leadership, KLA came to dominate new market areas in the semiconductor manufacturing instrumentation field innovating technologies in areas such as photomask and reticle inspection, wafer defect inspection, wafer metrology, and yield management software.

KLA Instruments and Tencor Instruments merged in 1997. Presently, KLA-Tencor is a multi-billion dollar company that is the world leader in process control solution for the semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.

In addition, Mr. Levy serves as a director emeritus on the board of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI) and as a board member of Extreme Networks. He also serves on the boards of several privately-held companies.

In recognition of his many contributions to the industry, Mr. Levy has received numerous awards, including the "SEMI" Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International award in the area of wafer fabrication, the SEMI Lifetime Achievement award, the Harvard Business School Association "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, and elected membership in the National Academy of Engineering, "for the development and commercialization of automated inspection systems for the semiconductor industry."

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Karel Urbanek

1938 – 1991
Founder of Tencor Instruments

Karel Urbanek founded Tencor Instruments, which merged with KLA Instruments in 1997 to form what is today the fourth largest semiconductor capital equipment supplier—KLA-Tencor.

After graduating from the Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in 1963, Urbanek immigrated to the United States from Prague, Czechslovakia. He spent a short time at MIT’s Lincoln Labs in Cambridge before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, where, after five years at Varian Associates, he founded Randex, Inc.—a maker of sputtering equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. In 1976, Urbanek founded Tencor Instruments, which provided measurement and process control equipment for the manufacture of semiconductor chips.

In 1977, seven months after the company’s inception, Tencor Instruments introduced its first product, the Alpha-Step™. Seven years later, Tencor Instruments launched Surfscan™, a product that detects particles on wafers, which continues to be a part of KLA-Tencor’s leading defect detection product portfolio today. Urbanek continued his leadership of the thriving company as its CEO and Chairman of the Board until his untimely death in 1991.

In 1986, Urbanek became a member of the SEMI board of directors and later vice chairman and member of the executive committee of the board. Urbanek was a dedicated leader of the SEMI International Standards Program, which continues to be a cornerstone of the semiconductor industry. The Karel Urbanek Award, established in 1992, is the most prestigious honor for participants in the SEMI International Standards Program. It is presented regularly to outstanding program members who uphold and further Urbanek’s contributions to the development of standards for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.


Company Information

KLA-Tencor Corporation, a leading provider of process control and yield management solutions, partners with customers around the world to develop state-of-the-art inspection and metrology technologies. These technologies serve the semiconductor, data storage, LED, photovoltaic, and other related nanoelectronics industries. With a portfolio of industry standard products and a team of world-class engineers and scientists, the company has created superior solutions for its customers for more than 35 years. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., KLA-Tencor has dedicated customer operations and service centers around the world.


Founded in 1997 through the merger of two twenty-year old companies:
KLA Instruments and Tencor Instruments


Publicly held (Nasdaq: KLAC)

Financial Facts:

Fiscal end June 30
FY 2011 Revenue $3.2 billion

Global Headquarters:

1 Technology Drive
Milpitas, California 95035
Phone: +1-408-875-3000
Fax: +1-408-875-4144

R & D Facilities:

One Technology Drive
Milpitas, California 95035

KLA-Tencor Singapore
Serangoon North
No. 4, Serangoon North Avenue 5
Singapore 554532

KLA-Tencor Jena
Goschwitzer Strasse 25
D-07745 Jena

KLA-Tencor China (Shanghai)
No.79-80, Lane 887 Zu ChongZhi Road
Zhangjiang High-tech Park
Shanghai, 201203

KLA-Tencor Israel
4, Haticshoret Street
P.O. Box 143
Migdal Ha'emek 23100

KLA-Tencor Belgium
Research Park Haasrode Zone 1
Esperantolaan 8
3001 Leuven

KLA-Tencor Weilburg
Kubacher Weg 4
D-35781 Weilburg

KLA-Tencor China (Shenzhen)
2F & 3F Plant Building 2
Xue Gang North Road
Ban Tian Street
Long Gang District
Shenzhen 518129

Global Support Centers:

Located throughout Europe, the United States, Japan and Asia/Pacific

Key Markets:

· Integrated Circuit Inspection

· Reticle Manufacturing

· LED Manufacturing

· Service/Support

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KLA Tencor Placement Paper February 2012:-

1. A Bug in the software is, when there is

(A) Application Crash
(B) Feature Failure
(C) Loss of Data
(D) All of the above

Ans. maybe A, or probably D

2. The device that can transform digital data into analog data is called a


Ans. D

3. Following is true about the IP of a machine

A) It is 48-bit and will always be unique around the world.
B) It is 48-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.
C) It is 32-bit and will always be unique around the world.
D) It is 32-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.

Ans. C

4. The classic way of checking whether a mathematical expression has matched parenthesis will employ the following data structure :

A) List.
B) Directed Graph
C) Threaded Binary tree.
D) Stack.

Ans. D

5. The fastest sorting algorithm for a Random set of numbers is:

A) Quick sort
B) Shell sort
C) Bubble sort
D) Double Bubble sort.

Ans. A or B, I do not know

6. Testing based on External Specifications without knowledge of how the system is constructed:
(A) Black Box Testing
(B) White Box Testing
(C) Stress Testing
(D) Performance Testing
(E) None of the above

Ans. a

7. Which of the following is false

(A) QA is a process defined to attain Quality Standards
(B) QC is testing of the product during its production work-flow
(C) A Test case could contain many Test Plans.
(D) A Test Plan could contain many Test Script & Test Cases

Ans. C

8. A Printing Machine that transfers impressions from Flat Plate to Rubber Cylinder, thence to paper is called

(A) Laser Printer
(B) Press, Offset
(C) Digital Printer
(D) All of the above

Ans. maybe Offset

9. Printing process in which ink is applied to paper or board from raised portions of printing plates or type is called:

(A) Printing, Letterpress
(B) Printing, Flexographic
(C) Printing, Silk screen
(D) None of the above

Ans. maybe letterpress

10. Which of these items is not a form of IPC:

A) Shared Memory
B) Pipes.
C) Message queues.
D) Semaphores

Ans. B

About KLA-Tencor:-

KLA-Tencor India is premier software and applications engineering development and support center for KLA-Tencor Corporation worldwide. KLA-Tencor India engineers specialize in developing leading-edge software that will move tomorrow's advanced technologies into the global marketplace faster than ever before.

KLA-Tencor India is located on Old Mahabalipuram Road, the gateway to the IT-corridor in Chennai.

Why KLA-Tencor - Why shoud i join KLA-Tencor?:-

KLA-Tencor creates and keeps the tools running that produce the most technologically advanced chips ever made. These chips eventually run tablet PCs, HDTVs, GPS systems and solar panels around the world.

KLA-Tencor employees thrive in an environment of constant intellectual challenge and continuous learning. Regardless of your experience, you will find an opportunity to grow in KLA-Tencor, directly and through interaction with talented colleagues.

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